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LIVE Reactions After the Big Brother 15 Finale

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Final 3 Interviews with the Winner of Big Brother 15 Andy Herren, Spencer Clawson and Ginamarie Zimmerman

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Big Brother has a new champion, and on the season finale of Big Brother Brainiacs, Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch are back to break down one last night of scheming and strategy in the Big Brother house!

Andy Herren is the winner of Big Brother 15, defeating GinaMarie Zimmerman by a 7-2 vote. Rob asks Brian if the right person won, and based on the landslide vote, Brian is fairly confident that the right person did win. Both Brainiacs think that Andy played the best game and thought that Andy’s handling of the jury questions, which they feel is one of the best ever on Big Brother, only looked better compared to GinaMarie (who…didn’t give one of the best jury performances ever).

While Rob doesn’t want to take anything away from Andy as the winner, considering him to be a top 10 Big Brother player of all time, he felt this was a very anticlimactic outcome. Helen telling Julie before Spencer even came out that voting out Andy was the only smart move for GinaMarie and Spencer sort of gave away early in the night that no one was going to beat Andy in a jury vote. Because Andy doesn’t really make the best television, Rob also thinks that it is unlikely he will ever play again. Brian thinks he could return for some sort of half veteran, half newbie season, but both think that a better showing from Andy in the Diary Room would have made him a more interesting contestant and made for a more fun season. While an entertaining player like Dan Gheesling will lay out their plan in the Diary Room (Dan’s Funeral, Replacement Nominee Roulette, etc.), Andy spent most of his confessionals worrying that his plans might not work. Brian points out that being a storyteller in the Diary Room proves to the audience that you’re accomplishing things, and this might be why so many people are not fans of Andy’s gameplay.

Rob and Brian then moved on to discussing tonight’s jury roundtable, which was moderated by Big Brother 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby. Rob loves Dr. Will and was thrilled to see him return to the show, but by the tone and format of the segment, Rob was left wondering if he was watching Dr. Will or Dr. Phil. Both he and Brian were slightly confused by the decision to use Will as a sort of mediator for the jury to hash out their issues with the final three contestants and with each other. Many people on the Internet speculated that CBS might have brought Will in to confront them for their behavior in the house or push for less personal voting. Brian did however appreciate Will’s point that “not getting blood on your hands” is a viable Big Brother strategy that can often be underappreciated. Rob points out that the roundtable spoke volumes about how the jury perceived Spencer, considering no one was really taking about him until Will had to specifically ask them to weigh his pros and cons. While there was some allusion to Spencer playing a good game because he survived eviction so many weeks, neither Rob nor Brian feel it is fair to compare him to Dr. Will’s strategy of ensuring his housemates that he could always be evicted later. Spencer was consistently the pawn and never in any danger of leaving the house, while every week Will had to pull his puppet strings in order to turn the vote in his favor.

Rob usually really enjoys the finale segment where all of the houseguests from the season are reunited, but he and Brian both thought this was the worst pre-jury segment the show has ever done. Rob hated that only two of the five pre-jurors were asked a question, and didn’t really understand why Jeremy and Howard were the ones who got to speak. Julie asked Howard about the racism controversy, but she had to nudge him into really bringing the subject up only so they could gloss over it. Rob was also completely baffled by the idea that Julie Chen, a professional journalist who has hosted Big Brother for 15 seasons, didn’t ask one question at the finale about GinaMarie and Nick’s relationship, easily one of the most buzzed about subjects all summer. He and Brian speculated that there was a possibility that Nick asked for it not to be brought up publicly on the show, so the producers punished him in a sense by not letting him speak on air. On the plus side though, Brian did like being able to see the jurors’ faces fall when Julie called Big Brother 15 the most controversial season ever.

There’s been a lot of discussion online about whether or not this has been the worst season of Big Brother ever. Rob asks Brian if he feels this way, but Brian doesn’t really dislike any of the seasons. He thinks season 15 is one of the better seasons of the show as a social experiment, but is probably one of the harder seasons to watch because of how ugly things got. Brian mentions that season 9 is a common choice for worst ever, but even he liked that one. He and Rob point out that Dan made the end of the game so memorable last year that it was always going to be hard for the end of this season to live up to that. Rob believes that the biggest lesson the producers of Big Brother will take away from this summer is that the longer a season lasts, the less entertaining the end of the game will be.

To close out another season of Big Brother podcasting, Rob and Brian take some viewer questions. The Brainiacs take one final pulse of the McCranda relationship, speculate as to which houseguest is most likely to get arrested tonight, and wonder if anything in this finale supports recent rumors that Allison Grodner will not be running the show next season.

Have a question for any of the Big Brother final 3? Go to the Rob Has a Podcast subreddit at (or just go right to to submit your questions for Andy, GinaMarie, and Spencer!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific for the premiere of Survivor Know It Alls with Stephen Fishbach!

LIVE Reaction to the winner of BB15 as we go LIVE after the Big Brother 15 Finale

Spencer, Andy or GinaMarie will become the winner of Big Brother 15 tonight.

Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • Phillip Stanford

    I gotta say for such a bad season of BB, RHAP was great it got to where on Thursdays and Sundays you were looking forward to the podcast more than the show itself Congrats to Rob for a great season as always and looking forward to Know-It-Alls and the last 2 Breaking Bad podcasts

    • Thanks Phillip!

    • BogDa

      Agreed. Here’s my confession. I’ve only listened the RHAP recaps for the last few weeks and didn’t even bother to watch show.

  • Juliann Rulo

    I think the BB finale needs to go back to two hours long so there is more time to talk to everybody about the season. Also the third place person needs to go out before the last day so he/she can reflect and they won’t likely vote personal as much.

    • I think the reason why the BB finale is only 90 minutes long is of a logistics nature, since the 90 minutes Survivor premiere came on right before BB.
      And since I had no one to root for, 90 minutes was more than I needed to say my goodbyes to this unpleasant season.

      I totally agree with you on the third-placer thing though; give them at least a 24 hours break before it’s show time again, just to give them a chance to let everything sink in.

      • Juliann Rulo

        Yea for this season 90 minutes was too much lol but can they make Survivor one hour or move the BB finale to another night. Also I don’t the group jury process of questioning. They should do a taped segment of the jury asking each finalist a question and that means going back to the final 2 format. It was better in earlier seasons.

        • I have to put my foot down on this one: you CANNOT shorten Survivor. This is blasphemy, my friend! 😉

          CBS also probably gets pretty good ratings on a night like tonight, with a double bill of well anticipated shows.

          • I think a shorter Big Brother season would make for a better season. Maybe start it around July 20th.

    • BobbyKe

      It could’ve easily ended in 60 minutes & I would’ve been fine. I say that mainly because interest wasn’t really there with the Final 3 & the people that there was interest with were already gone.

  • Juliann Rulo

    No Rob I think Helen was over the top when Elissa won AFP as usual LOL

  • BogDa

    Well there it is. Andy deserves his win. And there is finally a gay winner of BB, but I wish I could actually be excited about it. He’s just so annoying and unlikable.

    I loved how Helen completely ruined the ending by revealing that Andy had the votes to win! So funny. Julie was just dead silent.

    It’s also funny that Spencer took the Adam Poch spot! Compared all season long and ended in the same position. I hated both on the show, but Adam is a least a decent human being.

  • BogDa

    ROB: Please follow up with everyone from the jury and final two over the next few weeks as I’m dying to hear about how they react to the news that half of them are out of a job and hated by America. In some ways it would be better to hear from them once they actually know the magnitude of it. I’d especially like to hear from Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer, Andy and Amanda.

    • BobbyKe

      Why exactly do you want more negativity? What these people say has no impact on you & the magnitude of their comments is nowhere near as big as you‘d like to think it is. So you’re excited that a few people lost their jobs & their reaction to that is making you gleeful. Very nice of you

      • Paul Vandiver

        I sure am! then again, I enjoy watching idiots who sign up for a show where they know everything they say is heard 24/7 revealing themselves as clan card carrying bigots. Anyone who makes racial slurs about an 8 year-old kid they never met and then question whether the child is slow based on a picture he drew for his mother who he hasn’t seen for 60 days is SICK

        • BobbyKe

          And why should I care what Gina Marie says? Just learn to ignore it. If people say that kind of stuff, you learn there’s idiots & there’s no reason to be offended by anything they say

          Besides Gina Marie, I don’t think there’s a truly bad person in the house. Aaryn I absolutely believe is remorseful for the things she said & said them out of ignorance not hate (BIG difference), Amanda is just super aggressive & people took a lot of her crude humor way too seriously & Spencer is a pig/pervert, but he’s not much worse then that. Gina Marie is the only one I view as really hateful

      • TourLady


    • Paul Vandiver

      agreed! I want to know Andy’s reaction to being the winner of the worst season of BB and one of the most hated alliances, which was made up of two racist bigots, an idiot, and a floating rat.

      • BobbyKe

        Andy’s got 500K right now. Why the hell should he give a damn

        • TourLady

          because he has an inflated sense of self…

      • Mike

        This season was terrible, and might be the worst, but given the existence of every non-Dan season of the Grodner Era calling it the “worst season” right now stings of recency bias.

    • TourLady

      read my link that I posted above…. you’ll find some answers there.

  • Justin

    Andy just mic dropped. Definite top 10 player in BB history and certainly one of the best ownings of a jury questioning I’ve seen. Congrats to the deserved winner of Big Brother 15!

    • RLK2

      During the question and answer, Andy mentioned that he was loyal to the most important person to him and that was GM. Andy stated that he and GM in week one had made a pact to not vote each other out. Was this a secret alliance never discussed because it seems that way. If it was then it must rate as one of the best played alliances in BB history and one the most successful “couples” ever. Andy and GM should have played up more during the game in the DR sessions. It would have definitely made made them look much stronger at the end because they accomplished their goal to keep each other safe and playing everyone including the exterminators.

      • Justin

        Andy promised a lot of things to a lot of people and did not always keep those promises, but him and GinaMarie did pinkyswear early in the game, according to hamsterwatch’s pinkyswear tally, and they never went against each other.

        That said, Andy was not always working directly with her in an alliance, most notably when he voted out Nick knowing GM was tight with him. But if you go back, GM and Andy never did go after each other directly.

  • finsburysghost

    I don’t think Gina Marie know why she was in the BB House this summer. Her inability to answer any jury questions with even a hint of game understanding confirmed everything. GM was horrible.

    Andy is a great winner.

    • Paul Vandiver

      sorry just choked when I read “great winner” and Andy in the same sentence. this has been the worst season of BB ever. we had a final 5 made up of racists, bigots, idiots, and a floating rat. They bashed children they have never met, assumed America adores them, and made the entire game a scene out of a Lifetime movie of the week on bullying.

      • TourLady

        I like you Paul Vandiver….

    • Matteo_von_Podfelda

      Agreed… GM is a question mark… When she confirmed that she believed she would’ve beat Spencer in the final 2, but would’ve brought Andy anyway out of loyalty, I was like…. wow.

      • cjoypark3

        I wonder if that was truthful.. If he didn’t take her because he knew he would beat her with the questions.. He had to know she wouldn’t do well on questions. I doubt loyalty had anything to do with it. I started off liking Andy – but don’t like him at all and wish anybody but he had won. Ugly person – and I’m not talking about his outside appearance.

  • Tvaddic

    I can’t believe that a former pagent cordinator is so bad at public speaking.

    • TourLady

      because that’s not her previous job.

  • yesimsquidward

    Congratulations on predicting the winner, ROB!!! The right person won, and I think Andy is absolutely a GREAT!

  • BobbyKe

    “Everything I said people were either thinking or said behind their back; so I’m honest” – Amanda in her backyard interview with Jeff. Why I love her so much

    Despite a boring ending, the season was great to me. Very exciting & most interesting season since Season 11. More drama & more characters the better & that has been lacking the past few seasons. The season would’ve been much better if any combination of Helen, Aaryn, Amanda or Elissa were in the Final 4/5, but the first 2 months IMO make this a very exciting season & much better then anybody gives it credit for. I’d certainly take this over any of the previous 3 seasons

    Andy is a deserving winner, but Top 10 All Time? He’s probably 8th-10th best among winners. Will, Jun, Maggie, Boogie, Dick, Dan & Hayden all played a better game. Andy’s in the mix after that, but with all the great non winners & he winners that I rank better, he’s probably not even Top 20

    And yes, I don’t have Rachel as a Top 10 winner. She benefited from production interference more then any winner ever. She would’ve never won without all the loopholes & twists production gave to further her along

    • Jeremy Carson

      “Dick… played a better game.”

      “And yes, I don’t have Rachel as a Top 10 winner. She benefited from production interference more then any winner ever.”

      Sorry to inform you but Dick’s win is as bad if not worse than Rachel’s. You are correct that Rachel isn’t top 10… but Dick is the only person you can argue is a worse BB winner than Rachel.

      That said… unlike Jordan (who also won via rigging), I don’t think Dick or Rachel could ever win BB without the game being rigged.

      • BobbyKe

        Fair Point. I’d agree to take Dick off the list. Unlike Rachel, Dick actually understands the game & knows strategy well, so I give him far more credit as a good player who is just too aggressive. But yes he should’ve left the week Dustin left (as Rachel should’ve left the week Kalia put her & Lawon up)

        Dick & Amanda’s games (and personalities) are very similar. Both great dominant forces that know the game very well, but rub too many people the wrong way. It just worked out for Dick because he had America on his side (And America NOT being on Amanda’s side was one of the biggest reasons she lost – Gender Bias)

        I do wish we had gotten to see Dick play on BB13 though. He was setting things up perfectly before he left. He would’ve been the leader of the vets alliance. It’ll always be a what if, but I think he would’ve done really well in BB13

    • Michael Norris

      1. Dan
      2. Will
      3. Hayden
      4. Andy

      In my opinion, Jun and Andy played similar games, but Andy was better socially, and thus had more opportunities to win. Boogie to me is the most overrated player ever. He won because he failed at getting his dream final two, in which he would’ve been slaughtered. Up until then he basically just won challenges and relied on Will. He’s basically Danielle Murphree with one extra final HOH win, except at least Danielle tried to get to the end with someone she could beat. Dick never would’ve mad it far without America’s Player, and Maggie possibly didn’t get four jurors on her side. Even if she did, it was still a social game that was limited to her own alliance. That’s just my personal opinion.

  • Jeremy Carson

    Winners of legitimate seasons should be RANKED ahead of anyone else. You can choose to RATE non-winners or illegitimate winners as betters than true winners. Ranking is/should be based on results not opinion which comes into play when ranking a non-winner above a LEGITIMATE WINNER.

    Eddie (different game) and the Rigged Three winners don’t count (Jordan, Dick, and Rachel). I believe 2 of the other 11 won games without knowing the what was really going on much of the time… some I eliminate Lisa and Ian.

    As far as I’m concerned you can choose to rank the other 9 however you choose because all of them played damn near perfect. My personal opinion is that A-Baller, Hayden, and now Andy are the three greatest SINGLE SEASON winners (sorry Will and Dan). Unlike the other 6 perfect winners I don’t see any way in which Adam, Hayden, or Andy would ever have lost their games.

    • Mike

      I generally agree with this post, but the more I re-watch BB3 (which happens somewhat often given that it’s my favorite non BB7 season) the more I feel that Lisa is really underrated as a player. While it is definitely true that she was not in on some of Danielle and Jason’s machinations, she knew what she needed to, that Danielle was the person she wanted to be aligned with, and that Danielle had her back, which she did. Was Danielle most loyal to Jason, obviously, but she and Jason still put Lisa in a spot to win the game by winning only one competition. From the point that Eric went home (and honestly it’s no sin to play poorly for the first couple of weeks due to a showmance, as long as you recover. Some pretty great players have done that in the past… like that guy who showed up to play Dr. Phil with the jury last night) she played a really strong game. She wisely chose to vote Amy, rather than Eric back in the game. She sniffed out the Danielle/Jason pair in response to how they played the Marcellas vote (and waited till it was most beneficial to her to let Danielle know she knew). She somehow convinced a great player in his own right in Jason to keep her at final 4 over the much easier to beat Amy. She even managed to psyche Danielle out at P1 of the final HoH by bringing up her deal with Jason at exactly the right time and put her completely on the back foot. She also had an exceptional social game throughout the season. For all the talk about them seeing the DRs, I’m not sure if Danielle even beats her without them seeing them. Maybe she gets Chiara and Josh, but who else?

      • Jeremy Carson

        Very valid points. Honestly, if people want to argue that Lisa or Ian are top winners that is fine with me. My issue is with the people that are crazy enough to argue that the Rigged 3 are the “best ever”. The fact is that Jordan is the only member of that group that could win a game of Big Brother w/o rigging, and I do think that is a fact based on how crazy Dick and Rachel are.

  • shianne

    at first I was annoyed with Brian. Now Im am sad that I won’t be seeing him anymore.

  • Matteo_von_Podfelda

    YES, ANDY WON! I easily put him in my Top 5 gameplayers, and thought he was hilarious on the feeds, but I agree with Rob that he lacked DR storytelling ability and flair, making him a so-so BB character on the CBS show. Todd Herzog is definitely a good analogy.

    Rob and Brian, great BB coverage this year! RHAP is growing more and more awesome as the years go by.

    • TourLady

      I take it you don’t watch the feeds.

      • Matteo_von_Podfelda

        That’s a weird way to take it, as I said I thought he was hilarious on the feeds. I watched every day! Andy played a brilliant BB game.

  • BobbyKe

    McCrae would’ve NEVER cut Amanda. The pure thought of Amanda leaving scared the hell out of him. Even if he did think Amanda would beat him, ZERO chance he would actually get rid of her. He had a billion chances & never did it. The boy LOVES her. He does a horrible job of showing it, but you just got to read between the lines with him a lot. What McCrae says & what he does mean 2 very different things

    I think there’s a very high chance that McCranda stays together long term. He doesn’t want to be too open about his feelings, but he’d do anything for Amanda. Nothing McCrae did during the finale surprised me. It’s just normal McCrae. By the end of the year, I’m confident McCrae will be living in Florida with Amanda

    • UPB13

      I think he absolutely would have done it. However, there’s no point of McCrae cutting Amanda until the end. She’s too useful. He wouldn’t have done it until final 4 or so. Think Boogie and Will in BB7.

  • Ashley

    Thanks so much for your amazing coverage of this season. I’m a huge Survivor & RHAP fan and I only watched this season of BB because Andy is a close friend. I couldn’t have made it through without the RHAP recaps. Go Andy! One of the most wonderful, kind, funny, fun, outrageous, smart, silly, fantastic people I know. And an amazing BB player to boot. All that being said…Blood vs. Water, bring it on!

  • Tvaddic

    CBS seems to like Howard, he recently shot an episode of one of their soap operas with Brenchel, Jeff and Malcom from survivor.

  • Travelest

    Andy + bow tie and shorts = Pee Wee Herman

  • TourLady this says it all – you’ll be rolling on the floor after reading it.

  • seants

    I thought Rob picked McCrae to win, not Andy.

    • Brian Lynch

      That was me 😉

  • JRHane

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