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Recapping Amazing Race Episode 2 with Ryan and Abbie

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Ryan and Abbie from Amazing Race 21

Ryan and Abbie from Amazing Race 21

Rob Cesternino speaks with Ryan Danz (@RyanDanz) and Abbie Ginsberg (@AbbieGinsberg) from the Amazing Race 21 to talk about Episode 2 of Amazing Race 22.

Rob asks Ryan and Abbie if Idries and Jamil were the worst amazing race team of all-time considering how they wanted to quit the challenge last week in Bora Bora and were petrified of going in to the water.

Rob asks if Ryan and Abbie feel like the “First Flight” alliance that formed this season was anything like the alliance that caused Ryan and Abbie to get U-Turned by James and Jaymes before they were eliminated.  Also, Rob discusses whether the two teams deciding to not work together to bring up the rear was the right move considering that Ryan and Abbie worked with the Beekman Boys in a similar situation of their race.

Ryan and Abbie discuss all of the drama from this season and tell many stories that took place during The Amazing Race 21.

Be sure to turn in on Monday, Feb 25th when Rob is back with another LIVE show to discuss the current season of Survivor Caramoan with several members of Survivor’s original FANS tribe from Survivor Micronesia at 9:30 pm ET on

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