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How This Leg Turned Amazing Racers in to Letter Carriers

The country girls are carrying letters on the amazing race

En route to the Berlin museum of letters

On the latest episode of the Amazing Race the teams would compete in various obstacles through Germany. Rob is joined by the intrepid Amazing Race blogger Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) as they chronicle the latest adventures for the 5 Remaining teams.

Starting at the beginning of the show, the teams board a train headed to Dresden, Germany. While on the train, Bates has his bag stolen from him but unlike James and Abba last season, the passports were safe and sound. The teams would all take part in a road block that would involve both members of the team taking part in a base jump off of a very tall hotel.

After the base jumping, the teams had a detour which was between Font Follies or Train Trials – with all of the teams except Joey and Meghan choosing font follies. Rob admits that he too would have chosen font follies because it sounded more fun, but train trials was probably the easier task. Rob and Jessica discuss which letters would be the easiest to carry. The hockey players had more trouble as Anthony cracked his “V” on this leg of the race. Bates and Anthony then decided to go off to skip the task at the “Museum of Letters” to attempt the train task.

The roller derby moms, Mona and Beth had trouble on this leg finding the bar in the evocative part of East Berlin. Max and Katie, Caroline and Jen and Megan and Joey all got through the maze at “The Salon”, but the last two teams Bates and Anthony and Mona and Beth arrived at the same time. The teams worked together to get through the maze leaving last place up to a foot race – with Bates and Anthony being the winners.

Rob and Jessica discuss the placement of the teams on this leg and race and the possibility of Max and Katie being the winner. Of the final four teams, the only teams that Rob and Jessica are ready to write off as not having a shot are Mona and Beth.

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