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The Amazing Race 22 Episode 3 Video Recap

Amazing Race 22 Episode 3 Comedic Recap

Note: Rob Has a Website and Rob Cesternino DOES NOT think that John resembles a serial killer and hopes that John will remember that at all times.

Hi race fans!  Eric Curto here with your Amazing Race episode 3 recap!  In this recap we are off to Phil’s hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand!  And that’s where the crazy beings!  We have John with his creepy smile, the hockey guys hooking up with the blondes, a wasted express pass and people competing in crutches!  There is also a shemozzle minus the shameel and lots of reasons why you should never eat breakfast in New Zealand!  This is one recap you are not gonna want to miss!  So sit back, relax and get ready for my comedic take on this seasons Amazing Race.

Want to get involved with the recap? Then chat with me during the show over on twitter @RealityRecaps or in the comments section below and your questions, comments or suggestions could make the next recap video!


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Eric Curto

Eric is obsessed with all things reality TV and would give up food before his DVR. Utilizing his degrees in radio/television production and the digital arts, he is known for his comedic mashup videos on you tube and fan interaction across many social media websites. Eric is currently covering The Amazing Race for us and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on his site. More From Eric Curto »

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