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July 2012

On Rob and Nicole's anniversary, the happy couple get together to recap the latest from Bachelor Pad and updates from the Big Brother Live Feeds LIVE on Wednesday, August 1 at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT

08/01/12 - Bachelor Pad Guest Blogger, Jessica Frey, tells us why the real summer games are happening over at the Bachelor Pad

07/31/12 - Jonny Fairplay is in Los Angeles because he is suing someone on the Judge Alex TV show. Rob swung by Fairplay's hotel room briefly on Monday to hear about the court case and what Jonny Fairplay thinks about some of this summers villains of Reality TV

On the Glass House, Jeffrey voted himself into limbo last week confident that America will return him over Mike. Did Jeffrey's plan work or did America think Jeffrey was too overconfident to stay in the game? Plus Rob reveals why he thinks Erica is making a huge mistake by trying to vote Gene into limbo to join Joy Glass. Rob recaps The Glass House LIVE on Monday, July 30th at 11:15 pm ET […] Read More

07/29/12 - Willie Hantz joins Rob and Nicole LIVE to discuss his tumultuous week in the Big Brother house leading up to his removal from the game LIVE tonight after Big Brother at 9 pm ET.

07/30/12 - It’s Monday, and that means guest blogger Andy Baker has cooked up another Baker’s Dozen covering Shane's Reign as the Head of Household on Big Brother!

07/26/12 - Rob Cesternino is joined live by Adam Poch from Big Brother 13 Thursday to discuss the latest Big Brother eviction. Plus, Rob and Adam weigh in on whether the coaches should return to the game.

07/28/12 - After a boring week in the post-operative BB house (with its Willie removed), guest blogger Andy Baker cooks up another Baker’s Dozen on the latest episode of Big Brother!

07/28/12 - Big Brother blogger and RHAP live tweeter, TheeSoopNazee is back to discuss why Frank is his new pick to click after Willie Hantz has left the game.

07/25/12 - Rob Cesternino is back with a live report covering the latest drama in the Big Brother house and the premiere of The Bachelor Pad 3 LIVE at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT.

07/21/12 - The Dark Knight Rises this weekend and so does a podcast discussing every aspect of the film with John Norton from "The Tribe" and "MetroBuzz" podcast.

07/23/12 - Things have really heated up in The Glass House now that Jeffrey and his alliance has decided to vote himself into Limbo. We examine if this is a good idea and review the recent history of players voting themselves out with Primetime Alex Stein.

07/24/12 - Now that Emily has found true love, it's time for a bunch of rejected Bachelor and Bachelorette castoffs to compete on the "Bachelor Pad". Jessica Frey, producer of Rob Has a Web Show previews all of the guys and the girls on Bachelor Pad 3.

07/22/12 - It was the shocking Big Brother news that nearly shorted out Twitter, Willie Hantz was ejected from the Big Brother game for getting physically violent and headbutting Joe. Rob covers every angle in this week's Sunday Night Big Brother Wrap up.

07/23/12 - As he stuffs his face with $%#&*@ Fruit Loops, guest blogger Andy Baker offers up another Baker’s Dozen on the latest episode of Big Brother!