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June 2012

06/18/12 - Big Brother 14 is right around the corner and to get ready, we're putting together the list of the Top 14 Big Brother players of all-time. Cast your votes for your 5 picks and we'll tabulate the totals and reveal our official list in the first week of July of the Top 14 Big Brother Players of All-Time

06/27/12 - Rob Has a Web Show is back to handicap the Bachelorette Final Four. Who will Emily choose from Arie, Chris, Sean or Jef? Plus a special visit from Rob's brother on Rob has a Web Show.

06/27/12 - Our Bachelorette blogger, Parasocial Dude is back to give his thoughts on the final four guys left for Emily to choose from on The Bachelorette

06/28/12 - This summer 17 listeners of Rob has a Podcast got together and played an intricate Survivor Online Reality Game with each other. While the game was played out in virtual conditions, the Survivor game itself was very real filled with alliance, back stabs and all excitement.

06/26/12 - Right after this week's new episode of The Glass House on ABC, Rob Cesternino is back to discuss whether America decided to return Alex Stein to the Glass House from limbo or not. The big surprise came when Rob get a call from none other than Primetime Alex Stein himself on a Glass House podcast.

06/24/12 - Boogie Nights has always been one of Rob's favorite movie's of all-time. On this edition of Rob Has a Moviecast, Rob is joined by movie buff, Matthew Bok, to discuss the entire film in great detail. If you're a Boogie Nights fan, you will love this podcast.

Rob Cesternino and Nicole are spending Friday night making the first ever LIVE edition of The Friggin Five at 11:15 pm ET / 8:15 pm PT. So grab a drink and join us LIVE for FIVE... A Friggin 5.

06/20/12 - Can Rob figure out a way to save Primetime Alex Stein from limbo in the Glass House? Plus Rob and Nicole discuss the latest Bachelorette drama on Wed, June 20th at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT

06/19/12 - The new show "The Glass House" premiered on ABC this week so Rob got a hold of the Big Brother alumni to get their take. Evel Dick, Matt Hoffman, Brendon and Rachel all join the conversation as we take your text questions LIVE and recap what took place on the first night of the Glass House.

06/16/12 - The 1985 Film CLUE: The Movie has become a classic with an entire generation of people. Rob is joined by the world's biggest CLUE fan, Eric Stein (America's Player from Big Brother 8) to discuss everything from the film.

6/15/12 - It's time for the Friggin Five... 1) Redneck Island with Jonny Fairplay 2) The Latest Drama inside and out of the ABC Glass House 3) Boston Rob and Amber have baby number three 4) A Squid wants to make you pregnant in the face 5) Was that Matthew Von Ertfelda on the Pitch?

Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back together LIVE to discuss the latest happenings on The Bachelorette including Emily Maynard's reaction to Kalon calling her daughter baggage on Wednesday, June 13th at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT

06/11/12 - Piranha 3DD is one of the most talked about movies of the summer (okay, maybe just during this podcast). Rob Cesternino is joined by Tyson Apostol to discuss everything that transpired in the recent film Piranha 3DD.

06/12/12 - Our Bachelorette blogger, Parasocial Dude is back to compare Emily's remaining suitors to characters created by William Shakespeare.

06/11/12 - If you never saw The Real Housewives of New Jersey before seeing the Celebrity Apprentice, you probably wondered what all of the fuss was about Teresa Guidice. Rob Has a Podcast blogger, Zeke Smith, now explains everything you ever wanted to know about Teresa Guidice.