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August 2011

08/31/11 - The Friggin 5 is back to cover the drama caused by Shelly in the Big Brother house, The Situation getting beat up by a wall, Rupert's potential run for Governor of Indiana, Matthew Fox hitting the bottle and a woman and your comments.

08/27/11 - Rob Cesternino is joined by Mikey B from Survivor Fans vs. Favorites to talk about the Big Brother double eviction that sent Daniele and Jeff out of the house on Rob Has a Podcast.

08/19/11 - On Big Brother 8, America's Player Eric Stein and Daniele Donato were fierce rivals. Now Eric and Daniele are good friends and Eric finally is speaking about how he thinks his friend is doing this season on Big Brother 13 on Rob Has a Podcast.

08/17/11 - The Friggin 5 makes a triumphant return to talk about the latest from Big Brother, Jersey Shore, and which Survivor contestant is allegedly dating Lindsay Lohan... all on the Friggin 5.

8/13/11 - It may have been the dumbest move in the history of reality tv as Lawon Exum was evicted from the house only to have Brendon be reunited with Rachel on the latest episode of Big Brother.

08/08/11 - America's favorite guidos are heading to Italy to spend a few weeks on vacation for the Jersey Shore season 4. Rob and Nicole break down J-Woww's plastic surgeries, The Situation's secret affair with Snooki and the lovefest between Pauly D and Deena Nicole on our Jersey Shore podcast.

08/06/11 - Brendon and Rachel have finally been split up in the Big Brother house after Daniele's stint as HOH. What happens next on Big Brother now that Kalia is the new HOH? It's a Big Brother carcast!

08/01/11 - It's Rob and Nicole's anniversary and they're celebrating with a Big Brother podcast breaking down Danielle's first HOH of the season and her decision to nominate Brendon and Rachel.