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November 2010

11/29/10 - It's a special bonus Survivor podcast talking with two of the top writers covering Survivor. First, we'll talk about the Survivor Hall of Fame with it's founder Gordon Holmes and then we talk with Tom Santilli who writes about Survivor for

11/27/10 - Just because there wasn't a new episode of Survivor this week, that won't stop Rob Cesternino from podcasting. Rob and Nicole take your phone calls and answer all of your questions about Survivor Nicaragua on Rob Has a Podcast!

11/19/10 - Rob Cesternino talks with his old buddy from Survivor: The Amazon, Butch Lockley about this week's Survivor Nicaragua where Brenda got voted out. What does Butch think about the big fire this week and how did it compare to the fire from the Amazon on an all new Rob Has a Podcast!

11/18/10 - Rob Cesternino gets a chance to talk to Brenda Lowe about her time on Survivor Nicagaua. Find out why she thinks the tribe turned on her, why Sash didn't save her and why she didn't want to scramble on Rob Has a Podcast!

11/11/10 - Jonny Fairplay joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to break down the loss of Marty on Survivor Nicaragua and his impact on this season. Hear Jonny's thoughts on NaOnka, Sash and Jane on a wild episode of Rob Has a Podcast

11/11/10 - Marty Piombo from Survivor Nicaragua joins Rob Cesternino to talk about his time on the show. Marty talks to Rob about his feud with Jane, the antics of NaOnka and his decision to work with Sash & Brenda on Rob Has a Podcast