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October 2010

10/28/10 - Russell Swan from Survivor Samoa and Dalton Ross from Entertainment Weekly join Rob Cesternino and Nicole to talk about the latest episode of Survivor Nicaragua. It's everything you need to know about Survivor on Rob Has a Podcast!

10/26/10 - Rob Cesternino is joined by Yve Rojas from Survivor Nicaragua to talk about why the tribe got rid of her instead of Dan and settles the issue of whether she was flirting with Tyrone on an interview edition of Rob Has a Podcast!

10/25/10 - Jersey Shore Season 2 is in the books and Rob and Nicole break down an eventful final night in the Jersey Shore house. Find out about all the drama and get Rob & Nicole's Jersey Shore cast Report cards on a Jersey Shore edition of Rob Has A Podcast

10/22/10 - Two time Survivor Coach Benjamin Wade joins Rob Cesternino to talk about the Double Tribal council from this weeks episode of Survivor Nicaragua and discusses his adventures in Tocantins, on Heroes vs. Villains and beyond on Rob Has a Podcast

10/20/10 - It's the second to last episode of Jersey Shore for Season 2 and it was a double dose of the Situation blocking Pauly D from "getting it in". How has their friendship changed this season? We'll break it all down in a Jersey Shore edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

10/19/10 - Rob Cesternino gets to talk with Tyrone Davis, the most recent person to be voted off from Survivor Nicaragua. Hear what Tyrone thought about his time on the show on a Survivor episode of Rob Has a Podcast.

10/10/15 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back talking Survivor Nicaragua with Rob's former Survivor Amazon tribemate, Deena Bennett. We'll talk about the big tribal shake-up and figure out who all the winners and losers were on an all new Survivor edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

10/10/12 - Jimmy Tarantino joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to talk about his time on Survivor Nicaragua and what his feelings are about his fellow tribemates Marty and Jimmy Johnson on an exit interview edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

10/11/10 - It had been a relatively quiet season for the Situation on Jersey Shore until the meltdown in Miami this week. Rob Cesternino and Nicole break down all of the wild action from this week's episode of Jersey Shore on an all-new Jersey Shore Rob Has a Podcast

10/08/10 - Two-time Survivor Tyson Apostol joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to talk about all things Survivor Nicaragua. We'll talk about the antics of Jimmy T and why is NaOnka so upset with Kelly B on a Survivor edition of Rob Has a Podcast