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August 2010

08/29/10 - Is it possible that the letter from J-Woww and Snooki may be the last straw in the relationship between Sammi & Ronnie? Probably not... but we'll talk about it all in a new Jersey Shore podcast!

8/25/10 - Princess Britney has become the Queen of the Big Brother house and has a plan to get Brendon out of the house... but the crumbling Brigade has some other ideas for her on a Big Brother edition of Rob Has A Podcast

8/21/10 - It was a week where the Diamond Power of Veto shook up the Big Brother house and a week where Sammi and Ronnie broke up and got back together... again. It's a Big Brother and Jersey Shore edition of Rob Has a Podcast

8/13/10 - Rob and Nicole are back from their honeymoon to catch up on all the Big Brother and Jersey Shore that they've missed. The showmances between Brendon and Rachel and Sammy and Ronnie dominate an all new podcast!