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May 2010

In the Celebrity Apprentice finale, Donald Trump hired Bret Michaels to be his new Celebrity Apprentice over Holly Robinson Peete. Rob Cesternino and Nicole break down the heartwarming finale in a Celebrity Apprentice Edition of Rob Has a Podcast

05/24/10 - It was the finale that had everybody talking... especially Rob. Find out what Rob thought of the LOST finale and the big controversial ending on an all new LOST episode of Rob Has A Podcast

5/20/10 - There's only one episode left on LOST and there's a new Jacob in town. Rob Cesternino breaks down everything from "What They Died For" as we try to get in the mind of Ben Linus and discuss Jack's new job as protector of the island on a LOST edition of Rob Has a Podcast

5/19/10 - With only one episode left to go on LOST, Rob Cesternino has put together the definitive list of the top 15 LOST moments, with video clips of every moment. Weigh in and let Rob know what you think about the LOST Top 15.

5/18/10 - The Celebrity Apprentice final 2 is set! Bret Michaels and Holly Robinson Peete create their own original snapple flavors and Rob and Nicole discuss who is going to win Celebrity Apprentice on an all-new Rob Has a Podcast.

5/16/10 - Sandra Diaz-Twine is the first Survivor two-time winner and Rob Cesternino & Nicole take your LIVE reactions and phone calls as we break down the Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Finale & Reunion show.

5/14/10 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole Palmeri have got two amazing Survivor Guests: Natalie White (Samoa) to tell us all about Russell and Kathy Vavrick O'Brien (Marquesas, All-Stars) for all the scoop on Colby, Jerri and Rupert on Rob Has A Podcast.

5/12/10 - It's the LOST backstory 3,000 years in the making... it's the story of Jacob and the Man in Black and Rob Cesternino is back with an all-new LOST podcast with fellow podcaster John Norton. We try to figure out where we stand with only three and a half hours left of LOST...

5/10/10 - Rob and Nicole's favorite Celebrity Apprentice contestant, Cyndi Lauper, got the axe this week. We'll talk about the greatness of Cyndi and her rock and roll Zen Den on an all new Celebrity Apprentice podcast.

05/08/10 - We saw two Survivors get voted out this week and to break it all down, Ken Hoang from Survivor Gabon joins Rob & Nicole to talk about the "gamers' on Heroes vs. Villains and Billy Garcia reveals all about Candice on an all new podcast.

5/05/10 - This week's LOST was the BOMB! Unfortunately for a bunch of our LOST heroes, that bomb was on a submarine. Since whatever happened, happened... We'll sort through all the carnage on an all new podcast.

05/03/10 - Bret Michaels and The Celebrity Apprentice 3 gang were cracking so many jokes about plumbers this week we hope they don't mind Rob, Nicole and special guest Stephen Fishbach having plenty of laughs at their expense.

4/30/10 - Rob & Nicole talk to Eliza about the recent Survivor arrests of Russell Hantz & Boo, the wild Survivor catfight and her experiences on Survivor Fans vs. Favorites with Amanda Kimmel.