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April 2010

The legendary Richard Hatch joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to talk about his thought on Parvati Shallow, Russell Hantz, Sandra Diaz-Twine and the cast from Survivor Heroes vs. Villains

4/21/10 - Rob goes digging for LOST answers with Tara Bennett, lead author of the upcoming LOST encyclopedia and LOST magazine as they discuss the latest LOST episode, "The Last Recruit".

4/20/10 - The celebrity apprentice gang gave out Makeovers to country music singers, but ultimately Goldberg couldn't keep himself from being fired in the board room by Donald Trump.

4/16/2010 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole are joined by two-time Survivor Jonathan Penner to talk about his adventures on Survivor Cook Islands and Survivor Fans vs. Favorites - Hear what he thinks about Parvati on Heroes vs. Villains.

This week on LOST we saw how things are going in the alternate timeline for Hurley and how he meets Libby. Joining Rob to talk about it all is writer and LOST magazine photographer, Gordon Holmes. On this episode we find out: - What are the ethical impiications of dating a girl from the mental institution? - Why are Locke and Desmond trying to kill each other? - What was with killing off Alana? […] Read More

4/13/10 - It was a wild celebrity apprentice when the teams had to design new commercials for Right Guard. Not only did Michael Johnson leave the show without reason, we also saw Selita get fired.

4/27/2010 - Bret Michaels is battling for his life in real life, dealing with a serious brain hemorrhage, but on TV he is well on his way to potentially becoming the most Rockin' Celebrity Apprentice ever!

4/9/2010 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole talk with Stephen Fishbach about his thoughts on Coach's demise during Heroes vs. Villains and the prospects of his girlfriend, Courtney Yates as she competes for the win.

4/07/10 - Survivor's Jonny Fairplay calls in to talk about Desmond's game-changing Flash Sideways from this weeks LOST episode, "Happily Ever After"

4/5/10 - The wizarding world of Harry Potter was not too kind to our favorite not-guilty governor. Rob and Nicole break down another wild week on Celebrity Apprentice.

04/02/2010 - Lex Van den Berghe joins Rob Cesternino to talk about the voted out Boston Rob Mariano on Survivor Heroes vs. Villains & Survivor All-Stars