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March 2010

Jin and Sun may be star-crossed lovers on the island but in their alternate timeline, they’re not having any more luck. Rob breaks down all things Jin and Sun with Nuzzy, the host of “The Nuzzy & The Guy Podcast”. On this episode we’ll find out: - What is going on with the “V” countdown clock? - Why does Rob have such hatred towards Jin and Sun when they seem like such nice people? - […] Read More

03/25/10 - Survivor China winner Todd Herzog and Coby Archa from Survivor Pulau join us to talk about the wild double elimination of James and Tyson and one of the craziest Tribal Councils ever!

We learned all about Richard’s backstory on a shocking LOST. Rob tries to make sense of it all with writer Steven Brandon. On this week’s episode we try to figure out: - What is really going on between Jacob and the Man in Black? - Why does it seem like the smoke monster’s abilities keep changing? - How does Rob feel about the possibility of the last season of 24? Find out all this and […] Read More

Just Say NO to 3-D

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