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Individual Games – Good Game / Bad Game

April 22, 2014 - As others have observed, Tony's flip was reminiscent of Kass' flip at the merge. Both of them seemed to abandon a strong position in one alliance for a weak position in another. (If we assume a new alliance of LJ-voters, then it's the pairing of Tony and Woo versus the trio of Tasha, Spencer and Jeremiah.) In both cases, post-boot interviews proved that their target was planning to betray them early. And in both cases, they were probably more excited about making a move than about their desired result.

Amazing Race 24: An Illuminating Look at Character Arcs

April 21, 2014 - I have to give The Amazing Race credit for one thing: they may have brought back a bunch of teams from previous seasons instead of expending the time and money to find new ones, but they sure have managed to make it seem like these are entirely new and different people, almost across the board.