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Survivor San Juan Del Sur – The Bloggers Roundtable Preview

Sept 21, 2014 - The Rob Has a Podcast Bloggers, Scott Gallagher, Dan Heaton, Michel Trudeau, Catherine Lucas, and Sarah Freeman, weigh in on each of season 29’s castaways. Check out the bloggers’ winner picks at the end of this post and the regular blogs from this top notch group throughout the season.

Amazing Race Canada: Previewing the Final Four

Sept 16, 2014 - As we head into the penultimate leg of Amazing Race: Canada tonight, it's worth taking a closer look at the relative strengths and weaknesses of our final four teams - not just the actual ones we've seen in action, but the ones that TAR:Canada's editors have chosen to highlight as they cobble together the story of how one of these teams won the whole thing.