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Individual Games – Irony is a Conflict of Perception

April 15, 2014 - After the chaos last week, it was something of a relief to have a... quieter week of Survivor, where we had time to see how the merged tribe has shaken out before another upheaval happens—and one surely will. There are plenty of strong and/or aggressive players left in the game, and all we lost this episode was a background character.

Amazing Race 24: Rome if You Want To

April 14, 2014 - I've said it before many times - the Amazing Race is not a social game at its heart. Not the way its CBS brethren are. A great team doesn't necessarily have to engage others in order to win the whole thing, and there are plenty of teams who make the mistake of going into the show with the stated goal of forming alliances and eventually end up falling out of contention.